Odesign is a magazine formed by a bold and curious team who are driven by their passion for knowledge. We are a magazine for everybody with a bias towards design. A meticulous subject such as design needs much more exposure in a growing economy such as ours. Various topics seen through the lens of design can bridge a big gap within the community. We are a quarterly magazine with an acute focus on building a conversant readership.


Be bold, every day, in every conversation and in every decision. One bold move can change the course of your story.


Inclusive forever. We welcome you all to this small crazy boat which has set a sail towards a beautiful future filled with magnificent imagery and word play.


Curiosity is the start, everything after will follow. We unite passion, curiosity and intelligence to create extraordinary experience.

Tabassum Salma Islam

Art Editor

The founder of O-Design, Tanni is a passionate designer who studied Visual Arts Communication at Assumption University of Thailand. As the Art Editor of the magazine and Team Leader, Tanni’s contribution can’t be understated. Her talents are a colossal influence on the other team members.

Taiara Farhana Tareque

Editor in Chief

Highly adept at socializing and maintaining strong industrial connections, Taiara is an endless source of valuable content for Odesign. Her previous job was managing the infamous art hub Jatra Biroti. She is the Editor in Chief for Odesign.

Khondoker Ishrak Anan

Copy Editor and Writer

An industrious researcher, Anan approaches his writing projects with an abundance of insight. He works as a Copyeditor and Writer for the magazine.



As a designer in Odesign, Bhuiyan’s work rate is unprecedented. He is multifaceted; a painter, graphic designer and idea person. No one questions his work more than himself, and it makes him a better artist every day.

Md. Mokitur Rahman Ripon


Ripon’s talents are unquestioned in the offices of Odesign. Highly skilled and always willing to test his limits, Ripon works as a designer at Odesign.

Ananna Rahman Khan (Anni)

Marketing Manager and Research Assistant

Possessing an Undergrad in Business Administration, Ananna majored in Marketing and Human Resource. Ananna carries about with her a discipline of the highest order. She works as a Marketing Manager and Research Assistant in Odesign.

Tamjid Ahmed Ananda

Managing Editor

As Managing Editor of the company, Ananda is a towering presence amongst the team. A self-proclaimed Jack of all trades, Ananda is also an expert animator & photographer. He studied economics for his undergrad.

Ahasanul Hoq Arif


As the Accountant of Odesign, Arif single-handedly orchestrates one of the most difficult jobs a company could offer, and he does so with grace. Never one to show up late, Arif’s work ethic is a source of wonder.